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We bring to you the Robooter E series, a blend of technology and life designed to meet user needs. Our vision shapes the creation of an assistive product that is visually appealing and operationally efficient. With the Robooter E40, we aim to embody wisdom, smartness, and fashion, pushing the boundaries of functional experience.


The Robooter E40 wheelchair showcases a seamless, streamlined design – a testament to our philosophy of minimalistic elegance. Sans unnecessary elements, we’ve focused on clean, rounded contours that exude warmth and familiarity.


- Ergonomic

- Leather stitched armrest

- High-end squeeze casting process, wear well

- The cruising mileage 20km

- 20ah battery

- Fine matte spray treatment technology

- Upgrade the system by app

- Cruise Control

- Fault self-check and protection

- Chair weight: 25.05kg

- Max user weight: 150kg

R Healthcare E40 Roboscooter Powerchair

  • Delivery available in Fife, Dundee, Perth, Forfar and surrounding areas. Any other delivery options need to be discussed with the office please contact us directly to arrange this.

    This product comes fully built with batteries included ready to go and demonstrated.


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