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At 813mm in length, this Combi-Reacher is the longer of two similar models.

Like its shorter counterpart, it is designed to enable the user to reach a wide range of everyday objects without having to engage in excessive bending or stretching. It features a simple four-finger trigger at one end that is specially designed so as not to risk trapping skin between moving parts, and which can be used by people with limited strength in their hands.


At the other end, there is a sturdy grabber with rubber lined jaws that help to ensure a firm and even grip. Lightweight, strong and versatile, it has a magnetic tip for picking up small metallic items, an in-built shoe horn and a head section that turns through 360 degrees, enabling easy use by people with restricted movement in their wrists.


Other useful features include specially shaped jaw ends, which can be used to pick up paper and similar items, and a special clip that allows the reacher to be attached securely to a walking frame. A shorter version is also available.




Combi-Reacher - 813mm 148 reviews


    Delivery available in Fife, Dundee, Perth, Forfar and surrounding areas.  Any other delivery options need to be discused with the office please contact us directly to discuss options. 

    Delivery charges will be applied to smaller items.

  • Product Specification

    - Reacher length: 813mm (32")

    - Designed in conjunction with an Occupational Therapist

    - Multiple useful features

    - Lightweight

    - Easy clean trigger with minimal dirt traps

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